When Jennifer and Jim Yovino went for a walk behind the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools after lunch one day, they never expected to be the heroes of a kitten rescue! 

At first, they thought they were hearing a bird chirping in the dumpster, but upon listening more closely, they realized it was a kitten they were hearing. And its little voice was telling a story: Help me! Help me!

Unfortunately, the dumpster was locked behind a solid, metal, locked door! Getting to the kitten to rescue it was turning out to be harder than they thought, but that didn't mean they were going to give up!

Enlisting the aid of some good Samaritans (Armando, Francisco, Joe, Jake, Brian, and Steve), the Yovinos managed to open the door to look for the little kitty. Even though the kitten had been crying out for help, when the people began trying to find him, he ran out and under a van. "He went straight under (to our horror) and then up into the engine," Yovino related.

Once they finally got ahold of the baby feline, Yovino wrapped him in a tee shirt and cuddled him closely. It took about a New York minute for him to decide that being in the arms of a human was vastly preferable to being in a dumpster or the engine of a car!

When he started purring, they knew he was going to be just fine. The Yovinos decided to put a call in to The Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, California. The staff there were only too glad to have "Fulton" (the kitten's new name) in their midst. And what's another cat when you already have so many, anyway?

Little Fulton now resides in a foster home, where he is learning that humans can be the purveyors of warmth, food, water, and lots of love and cuddles. That's just what the doctor ordered for this abandoned kitten who started his life in such dire straits.

It's always wonderful to hear of people going out of their way to help out one of their fellow creatures, and never more welcome than in winter when the weather can get pretty cold, even in California!

So what do you think? Would you have done the same, or just walked on by without examining what was really going on? Fortunately for Fulton, the Yovinos were in the right place at the right time.
Watch the video below to see the rescue up close and personal. And share it with your friends!